Thursday, 19 January 2012

Notes from my CS diary.. .day 2 onwards

Hey hey everyone,

Here are my exerts from my Celebrity Slim diary

Day 2

Having the banana shake for breakie, which is so yum, followed by the mint-choc snack bar 2 hrs later, and afternoon snack. Decided to have a lunch meal on day two using fresh salmon cutlets no skin or bone ready for stir fry accompanied by a big salad, saving the shake for dinner time.

I'm finding that I'm sweating more while I work around the house, which I guess is a good thing, but I just hate sweating, so trying to keep my body abit cooler. I notice cravings for sugar, and bread. I'm desperate too loose weight,  I feel like its been a hard day with the lack of starch.

Day 3

Woke with a migraine this morning, apparently quite normal with dieting and a little bit, err, ummm 'blocked',  if u know what I mean, and man do i feel like bread!  After a breakfast bar and an apple 2 hrs later, I had bacon and 2 eggs for lunch. Man this diet rocks... bacon n eggs? go figure...

I went for two big walks today equaling approximately 10 kilometers, along the beach, pacing it out in the sand.

Chocolate shake for dinner followed by strawberries for my pm snack... feeling a little naughty I dad have some wine tonight, but i see I'm allowed 3 glasses per week... Can you save them up and have 3 glasses in one night? hmmmm...

I must also say that today was extremely hard on the bread front... I live near a bakery, and usually pass it to and from home, today I had to totally avoid it, I want a cheese and marmite scroll!!!!!!
I swear if I see anyone carrying a loaf of fresh bread I will run them down and steal it! lol
joking of course but man that is how I felt.

Day 4

Ive decided that I don't want to drink alcohol while doing this journey with Celebrity Slim. I want to be hard on myself and do this well. Maybe just the odd bit here and there.

Minimal exercise today, resting my body abit after yesterdays mammoth walk. Nothing out of the ordinary in the meal front just my scheduled shakes and snacks etc...

I'm understanding the importance of avoiding bread, I'm missing it and I'm finding it hard not to have it.

I know I know.. hang in there, I'm sure the first week is the hardest.

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