Monday, 23 January 2012


Day 5 to Day 7

Don't you just feel awesome when you eat fresh? Sounds like a Subway commercial I know.  This project is all about eating fresh,  being healthy and exercising.  I'm feeling alot more tired than normal but maybe its because I'm exercising more and trying to do at least 3 - 4 kms a day or at least every 2nd day. I'm eating alot of allowable berries, fresh raspberries, blueberries and strawberries, delish!

Weighing in today, after 7 days on the Celebrity Slim programme. OMGosh I have LOST 5KGs in 7 days, what the......"

I am absolutely bewildered! I have never dieted before, and this just seems too easy. Holy cow. I am so stoked, (happy in other words).  Oh man, the possibilities... I'm so excited about the future possibilities and what the future holds. A new ME.

First week summary:- Craved bread on day three, headaches day four and excessive thirst from day 3 onwards.  A change in bathroom habits...hupp- humm'... Needed to drink more water and limit any alcohol.  Worth every part, to feel this good and have lost so much excessive weigh.

Five kilograms FREE to good home, no longer needed or wanted. 'As is, where is'. No return policy.

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