Thursday, 19 January 2012

Day of reckoning, C.S we we come!

Right, here we go...


Support person, instigator and dear dear friend: Tracey.... CHECK
Shakes and shaker.... CHECK
C.S Diary....CHECK
Made a shelf clear for all the healthy options in the fridge....CHECK
OK, the time has come for a measure up, and at this point I'm wondering whether to share this just yet as I am slightly embarrassed. Maybe I can leave that out for another few weeks if you don't mind. Thanks Tracey for taking the measurements and weighing me, (since I'm anti scales and don't own any... which will soon change), OMGosh again... am I really that heavy..S#@!. its gotta go!

I almost need a contract with myself to ensure my success I thought. So I said to myself...

Dear Kerry

How are you? I'm fine... lol - NOT.  Please reduce alcohol intake and avoid bread at all costs, this is your enemy. If you sight bread in any shape, form or smell... reject it. Do not pass over to the dark side. The force is strong inside you kerry, I feel it.

Day 1

03 January 2012

Breakfast 1x CS Banana replacement shake :- YUM, are they supposed to taste this good? delish.
2hrs later, Snake time, I'll go with the CS Choco-mint snack bar, and again YUM... WTF, this is too good to be true, these taste awesome, are you sure I'm not going to be putting weight on? hmmmm
2hrs after that its my lunch time, hmmm the choices... let me see... I'm going with the CS Chocolate shake. 2hrs from that another CS snack bar, choc-mint again, and now time for a walk. Went for a 65minute walk through Pukekura Park, and also did some gardening, weed pulling, working up a sweat.
I felt full, alert and ok about this CS decision... I'm excited about a new ME, and I want to reduce my BMI to a healthy 23(ish) instead of my obese 32(grrrrrr...)
Fresh salmon chunks no skin or bones, lightly sauteed in a little pure butter with a big salad, capsicum sprouts avocado and strawberry mixed through, holy cow that is yummy.  I felt like something sweet after dinner so went for the low-fat non sweetened natural yoghurt and strawberries (which is one of my favorite fruits anyway) thought I'd be brave and try carrots with peanut butter on... ewwww Yuck. Nah didn't like that idea. But what I do love is the idea we can eat peanut butter, in moderation obviously. great!

Increase water intake, limit my coffees to Three per day and/or coke zero to three glasses per day...easy.

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