Thursday, 19 January 2012

a Celebrity Slim encounter - weighing it up!

It all started with a quick lunch and catch up with a good friend "Tracey" at a seaside cafe. After the formalities were over - a cider in the sun in other words, while talking about our families, we hoed into our lunch.  I ordered a seafood platter, but also managed to finish Tracey's bread for her, loving bread not knowing yet how bad it can be for me. Tracey mentioned this 'diet' thing she was on. Ive never been one to diet, I didn't see the need to make a deal of weight or being over weight, wouldn't even have scales in the house..  always thought we are what we are, which is true to some extent but its also about being healthy and happy. Ensuring we are around to see our kids and grand kids grow, not killing ourselves with ignorance about health or self loathing and self medicating with food. I listened to Tracey and I was interested. I have always been lucky enough to eat what I wanted in the past, as I stayed fairly active and tried to counter balance any 'naughty' foods with a walk, not that this always happened.  Tracey continued to inform me of how much weight her sister had lost on Celebrity Slim, but also how well she was doing with her weight loss and how well she was feeling within herself. Right, I thought, with that said, I was all ears!  After a stressful year within my own life in 2011, I was ready for something positive, something easy to help me feel better within myself and the way I looked. I was feeling down about alot of things some of which are story's I'll save for a rainy day to share. Though one being the fact I had been trouser shopping and found myself not fitting the standard NZ woman's size 16 so well anymore, only tightly. I refuse to believe I was a size 18 but truth be known, ya know, I probably was - well at least on my butt... OMG I thought, why the hell arnt these pants fitting me,  maybe these were made over seas I thought where their sizes are alot smaller, I tried to justify it to myself.... No kerry,  you have a train following you I thought to myself... it was my "ass' following me. Looking in the mirror as I changed I thought OMG that cant be me, those thighs arnt mine, they belong to a 70 year old woman ( no offence to all the woman in this prime of their life) but honestly I looked like... sighhhh... my body looked older than my age.  I'm only 5 foot 2 inches, ( 5'3" if anyone asks), and my weight ( which I'll tell you later how much I weighed),  was making me feel blahhhhhh. I'm a 37year old Mother of two beautiful healthy daughters 10yrs and 7yrs. Wife, and business co owner, office manager, homemaker and kid taxi... and... and....and, the list goes on.  I had been denying the reality of my body.  Initially thinking it not to be a big deal... until now.  Ready for a change, this was it! Time for change, Time for a new me, and Time to focus on me.
No, not a mid life crisis, just a mid life review I like to call it.  2012 - IS going to be a year for success, and happiness and most of all 'less of me'.

After lunch Tracey took me to the store which sold Celebrity Slim, we chatted to the staff and decided on the deal that was on offer, and snapped it up ready for action. I have never brought a diet programme before, this was it, no turning back. I wouldn't want to throw away the money I just spent, I wouldn't want to let my friend down but most of all  I didn't want to let myself down. I had to do this, I needed to do this, for me, for my family, for my health, for my happiness. My family need to see me care about myself, show them how to look after themselves and make good choices by seeing me do it.  Do something positive for myself. I want to live a long and healthy, happy life. If I carried on like I was, then who knows if I would ever have seen that.  I needed to do this journey, I wanted to do this journey. Thank you for joining me on this journey. I hope that some part of my experiences that you read about will inspire or help you or someone in someway.

As a kid growing up, my mother seemed to always be on some diet, discussing her diet with her good friend who also joined in, they sat at the breakfast bar eating cheese and crackers drinking coffee and 'fagging' as we would say ( other wise known as smoking...). What a laugh, looking back now we laugh and chuckle about their theories behind their dieting,  I don't even know if there was a real one.
I knew that if I was serious about this "diet" thing, I didn't want to starve myself or hurt, punish or abuse my body. I needed to do it the right way, the healthy way.

Celebrity Slim, here we go. 

Read on and follow my journey to a new me, with day to day bogs of my daily notes, meals, exercise, weigh-ins and and comments about the days course. I look forward to seeing you in the next blog. xx


  1. Whoa hoo baby! Go get em girlfriend! I'm joining ya on this mega journey!

    Oh and I loved the story about "our"?? mums!! Remember those days! (I can so relate)

    Im on the Michelle Bridges kick ass 12WBT biggest loser plan!


    Dee x

  2. thanks Dee, keep it up, its worth it, YOUR worth it! love ya xx